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Did you see us in Women’s World Magazine from the Colorado Diet Soup article? Welcome! We’d like to give you more helpful tips for the cleanse described in the Women’s world article and let you know about our other natural health offerings that can help you be your lightest, most energetic, clear and vibrant self!

I Created Colorado Diet Soup Based on Our Short Home Cleanse – It’s the Same Plan!

Looking for the ingredients to get you started?

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“Colorado Diet Soup” is based on LifeSpa’s Short Home Cleanse, a cleanse I have been recommending for many years now and one that my patients love. It is basically the same plan, with a few small changes; you can choose to start with the protocols in the magazine article, or try the protocols in the Short Home Cleanse eBook (download for free below).

ABC’s of the Short Home Cleanse

Is this your first cleanse? If so, that is great news, because there is no better cleanse to ease you in and experience all the benefits of a well-designed and safe detox program. In only 4 days, you’ll give your body the chance to experience burning its own fat, a fuel source that helps you feel calm, centered, and with a little practice, free from constant hunger and cravings. You’ll do this without starvation or calorie counting, and you will be teaching your body a health-supportive way of life rather than following a diet.

The Short Home Cleanse is Not a Diet

I say this because most everyone I have treated who has started the protocols in my programs, including the Short Home Cleanse, has adapted the mainstays of these principles to their lives and made significant progress towards optimal health and weight.

More Benefits of the SHC

  • Feel lighter
  • More peaceful
  • Get sick less
  • Foster a natural desire for healthier foods
  • Shed a few extra pounds and establish fat metabolism so you can move towards your healthy weight
  • Have greater clarity of mind and more joy
  • Digest your food better and feel lighter after eating
  • Enjoy deeper, more restful sleep

Let’s Get Started

To do this cleanse, I want to make sure you have two key things on hand:

1. Your guide:

Once you have your eBook, get started reading it! At 36 pages, its a quick and easy read, filled with eye-opening health and fitness information that will get you inspired and motivated to begin the cleanse. This is your how-to manual, so the more familiar with it you are, the more successful your cleanse will be!






2. Your Supplies: Upgrade your Benefits with Herbs! These are the 3 herbal formulas that will increase the effectiveness of your cleanse, plus easy-to-prepare cleansing food, and ghee that will make up your special cleansing diet and protocols during your Short Home Cleanse. Everything you need for this cleanse is available in our Short Home Cleanse Complete Kit. (Alternatives to the herbal formulas are listed in the Short Home Cleanse eBook, and some supplies may be sourced locally).

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herbs only short home cleanse kit






When is the Best Time to Cleanse?

You can cleanse any time that is convenient for you. Just pick a period of 4 days when there is not too much going on in your life where you can dedicate the time to taking this wonderful and kind action-step for yourself. Times you may not want to cleanse include:

  • Holidays
  • Family get-togethers and celebrations
  • While travelling
  • Very busy times when you are being asked to expend more energy than usual (wait until life returns to its “usual pace”)

Any other time is usually a great time to cleanse. Cleansing during the change of seasons can be an especially powerful way to stay healthy and be more lean.

Here’s what one cleanser says:

“I’ve been doing the Short Home Cleanse for 5 years now, almost at the change of every season. The cleanse is so easy and short that I can never come up with a good enough excuse NOT to do it. My cravings are gone and I can usually coast a few more months without having to use any discipline – I just naturally want to eat clean. It also seems to get my digestion back on track again. I love how my skin glows and how flat my belly is. So, I always make sure I have the herbs, ghee and kitchari ingredients on hand in case I need to start it. (Oh and sometimes I do it just to save money because eating only kitchari is way cheaper than regular food!). I recommend it to people all the time. Thanks for introducing me to it. I have a feeling it will just be one of those things I do to stay healthy for many more years. Maybe forever.” ~ TH

A Few Things to Remember

  • In the magazine article, the protocol for morning ghee is to take 2 teaspoons every morning. The protocol in the eBook is to increase your ghee dosages by a little bit each day. This is slightly more advanced. You can try just 2 teaspoons a day the first time you cleanse, and if you like how you feel and are comfortable, you can increase the dosages according to the quantities outlined in the Short Home Cleanse eBook for your next cleanse.
  • It is important that, after the ghee that you take in the morning, the rest of your meals throughout the day are no-fat. That includes no added oils, nuts or seeds, or avocados. Eating a no-fat diet for the rest of the day is the trick that will kick your fat metabolism into gear!

Looking for a Longer Cleanse? Check out the Colorado Cleanse!

detox program colorado cleanse 3 book coverThis Colorado Cleanse is two-week cleanse that resets the body’s natural digestive strength and ability to detoxify.  During the 2 weeks of the Colorado Cleanse, you will do a daily practice of yoga, meditation, and breathing exercises, 12 minutes of aerobic exercise, take Ayurvedic herbal formulas that support the detox process, and eat a special kitchari cleanse diet during one of the three phases of the cleanse. Twice a year, in the transitional seasons of spring and fall, LifeSpa hosts an online cleansing event during which hundreds of cleansers from around the world come together to detox at the same time while supporting each other and receiving step-by-step email and webinar guidance from John Douillard. You can also do the Colorado Cleanse Anytime on your own using the guidance of the Colorado Cleanse Book solely. Learn more at:

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The Short Home Cleanse

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