Detox Old Emotions and Beliefs

While each season is the perfect time to detox the deep tissues of the body, few of us realize the opportunity each spring brings with regard to a deep emotional cleanse. In nature, the harvest in the spring is basically one rich in low fat foods. If we were forced to eat only according to nature’s harvest, come spring we would eat almost all “no-fat” foods. This seasonal diet, as described in my book The 3-Season Diet and summarized on my Spring Grocery List, will force us to burn our own fat and naturally detox the body, mind and spirit.

Though spring is an ideal time to detox old emotions, beliefs and patterns of behavior due to the naturally “no fat” foods harvested at this time, you can make each season a detox season with our Short Home Cleanse.

According to Ayurveda toxins, or Ama, are stored in the body’s fat cells as they are fat soluble. In one study, 14 of the major cancer-causing chemicals, all of which are fat soluble, were detoxed out of the fat cells during Panchakarma and continued to be flushed for 3 months after the cleanse. Chemicals like Dioxin, a cancer-causing pesticide, were released and flushed from the patients’ fat cells though they had been stored there for 25 years. The bottom line is that when we are under stress (and who isn’t these days?) we store fat and crave sugar, carbs and stimulants. The dangerous part is that most of the environmental pollutants, cancer-causing chemicals and heavy metals are all fat soluble. In a stressful world our body stores these fat soluble toxins as an emergency response because the liver and blood stream become overwhelmed with toxins. While stored in our fat cells these toxins begin to break our bodies down before rearing their ugly heads as a serious disease or imbalance.

What many of us don’t realize is that we also store “molecules of emotion” in our fat cells. Throughout our lives we create emotional states that develop into a protective personality that makes us feel safer in the world. To feel loved, I might become a straight A student or to feel more secure I might become the class clown. These emotional states, patterns of behavior and belief systems have been documented by Dr. Candice Pert’s book, The Molecules of Emotion.

When under stress, both toxic fat soluble chemicals and toxic emotions store in our fat cells until we convince the body that it is safe enough to release those toxins. The most effective way I have seen to accomplish this is during a retreat called Panchakarma. If that is not possible, see our Short Home Cleanse.

It is for this reason that when the body is naturally burning fat each spring we have a huge opportunity to cleanse both physically and emotionally. Each spring, when nature is providing a harvest that allows each fat cell to be turned over, cleansed and detoxified, it is a season not to be missed. I should mention that every season has a specific benefit for cleansing, but in the spring we are encouraged to reset our ability to metabolize fat as a normal source of calm, stable and detoxifying fuel all year long.

Tune into our next newsletter as I talk about how Ayurveda employs a natural Self Inquiry Technique to maximize your seasonal emotional cleanse.

For a preview of Ayurveda’s Self Inquiry please read my article, The Psycho-Physiology of Stress.

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